About Us

The Ottawa Center of Naturopathic Medicine is focused on more than just the treatment of disease and illness. Our thoughts, emotions and mental direction either significantly support or hinder healing. Health is more than just being pain free and living day to day. OCNM wants you to be your absolute best everyday. We customize your treatment with an evidence based scientific approach, and combine therapies from different fields of healthcare that is appropriate for you.

Our approach focuses not only on your physical and mental health, but also your overall quality of life. People who are focused on their final goal during treatment are more driven and inspired to achieve the goal they want. OCNM's mission is to allow you to accomplish whatever your goal is.

How We Help

The Ottawa Center of Naturopathic Medicine was founded in 2015 with one sole purpose: to treat the root of illness and establish optimal health for all of our patients. We aim to promote physical, mental and motional health for the purpose of neurological well-being. OCNM offers unique treatment sessions that are customized for each individual patient.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive evaluation that leaves no stone unturned and no questions unanswered. We offer a variety of

services including comprehensive lab testing, targeted supplement treatment plans, acupuncture, photobiomodulation, concussion baseline testing, integrative neurology care and holistic healthcare.