Neurological Integrative Therapies

OCNM is trained in the applications of neurological therapies to support and augment care with other healthcare providers.

Eye Exercises

The human eyes are the window to the brain. The eyes can track a moving target called smooth

pursuits and maintain clear visual acuity while remaining focused on the target. The eyes can move

quickly from target to target called saccades.  Each eye movement is controlled by specific areas of

the brain and eye exercises are used to target these areas to stimulate them if they are found to be


Motion Guidance

Joint Positional Awareness is our ability to understand where our body is in space and in relation to

everything is.  Research has shown that after whiplash, individuals have a difficult time with proprioception

when tested with visual feedback from a laser pointer. The goal is to maximum patient spatial awareness

by adding real-time feedback with visual external cues to enhance rehabilitation.

Gaze Stabilization

Gaze stability is focusing clearly on a target while moving the head, neck and eyes in unison. Improper synchronization of gaze stability can cause neck tightness, dizziness, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.

Gaze stability exercises improves the way the head, neck and eyes move together, improving your ability

to maintain focus through day to day activities.

Vestibular Integration

The vestibular system helps your brain understand where your head and body is in space as well as when

you are moving or tilting. Your Vestibulo-Ocular reflex (VOR) stabilizes your environment to prevent

nystagmus, square wave jerk, blurriness, nausea and dizziness. The goal of vestibular integration is to

activate neuro-pathways to improve balance, coordination and eye-movements. 

Memory Training

Whether you are simply seeking to improve your memory in your personal and professional environments,

or because of the result of a neurological disorder, OCNM is able to implement a variety of memory

exercises in your management plan.

Electrical Stimulation

Somato Sensory Evoked Potentials (SSEP) is a unique, low-dose electrical stimulation aimed to activate

different areas of the nervous system when applied to peripheral nerves that can influence eye movement

and balance.

Fitlight Cognitive Training

OCNM uses Fitlight Trainers as a cognitive training tool to execute a series of planned and unplanned

movements through hand-eye coordination, go-no-go, reaction time, and vision exercises. The recorded

data from this neuro-rehab tool is invaluable in assessing the patients’ recovery and determining a more

accurate prognosis. This innovative reaction training system helps patients improve reaction time, speed,

spatial awareness, cognition and balance. It can be used to help a variety of patients from athletes trying to

optimize brain function to patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome and neurodegeneration.

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