Concussion Support Care



Concussion Support Care

The modern approach to concussion involves comprehensive evaluation of several key systems in the brain and body. Once acute pathology such as a brain bleed has been ruled out, a functional minded clinician should be consulted to address neurological deficits and associated symptoms.

The right clinical tests can be the key to better results.

Delay in obtaining proper diagnosis and treatment following a brain injury and concussion can cause significant consequence to your life. From persistent headaches, dizziness and visual tracking issues to changes in one's mood, behavior and cognition—these symptoms can limit one's existence—seclusion and isolation at home or avoidance of activities due to frequent setbacks and aggravations that occur during daily routines.

Being able to differentiate sources of individual symptoms, and thus, identify which pathways in the brain have been injured through clinical testing is an essential step toward brain rehabilitation care that can selectively target, strengthen and restore your health.

8 Categories of evaluation and treatment for concussion and brain injury.

  • Cognition
  • Mood & behavior
  • Visual & ocular system
  • Vestibular system
  • Proprioceptive system
  • Autonomic System
  • Physiological function
  • Comprehensive lab evaluation (Complete Blood Count, Hormone, Thyroid, Fatigue and Metabolic panels)

Our baseline evaluation includes balance testing!

BTracks Sport Balance

BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides sports medicine professionals with a quick, objective and reliable means of assessing athletes

balance at baseline and after injury or concussion. The BTrackS Balance Plate and Sport Balance software has the greatest concussion sensitivity of any balance testing instrument reported to date.

  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Objective measure of postural sway
  • Twice as effective as the BESS protocol
  • Percentile ranking categorized by age/sex
  • Normative data from over 10,000 athletes

Supportive treatments that we offer are comprehensive to bring the full spectrum of care

  • Photobiomodulation
  • Diet and nutritional counseling
  • Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Motion Guidance visual feedback rehab
  • Soft-tissue manual therapy including acupuncture


Integrating with conventional therapy

It's important that the therapies are individualized and effective. One of the aspects of integrating naturopathic care with conventional care is augmenting both approaches for the best treatment outcome.

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